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In the 1920s the sleeveless style of dress was all the rage.  1920s dresses show more hip emphasis and hemlines grew a little shorter.  Lace was very popularly used in the 1920s dress as were the flower motifs so evocative of the Art Nouveau period.  

From 1923, with the discover of Tutankhamen's tomb by Carter, the Egyptian influence took over the fashion scene, remaining popular for some years.  Fabrics became more vivid and finishings grew more elaborate with fine embroidery, beading and tassels. 

By the mid 1920s dresses had grown shorter still with some hemlines rising up to the knee.  The cut of the 1920s dress was typically loose with little tailoring.  Many of these vintage dresses were made from georgette or chiffon, with velvet becoming increasingly popular later on.  The fashion for loose pleats and uneven hemlines grew, marking a gradual progression from short to longer style dresses by the 1930s.  Elaborate beading remained en vogue throughout - adding femininity to styles which, with their very loose cuts, could be a little boyish. 

By 1928 fuller skirts had made a return in tea dresses and evening dresses and hemlines dropped to ankle length once more.  Waistlines grew more fitted, flaring out below the knee.   

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